What kind of word is “perspicacity” and what does it have to do with leadership?  

In this book, you will learn that leadership perspicacity is the ability to not just “look at” business problems but “see through” them, and in seeing through those problems, change everything. Are you a leader, or a developing leader, faced with organizational or business challenges, but a culture that encourages the status quo? Is your organization stuck? And the hardest question: Have you considered whether you are part of the problem?  In the Perspicacity Principle, leader, author and keynote speaker Paul Sinclair will show you:

  • How ancient and modern leaders disrupted the equilibrium in the most unique ways
  • How leaders who think and see differently give their organizations a distinct advantage
  • How to develop the ability to look on any situation to find depth of actionable meaning

This book is designed to help leaders embrace adversity to find a path to leadership wisdom and to change their entire perspective to become a stronger leader faster.

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