Solutions to your workplace challenges are found UpStream.
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Our Team

Our founders are two long-time legal advisors who spent years helping employers rescue struggling employees and defend against damaging work environments, before recognizing there was a better way. 

We help managers, leaders and HR professionals identify and leverage the strengths of your workforce through individualized coaching, workshops and leadership training provided at all levels of your organization.  

We were founded on the principle that solutions to your workplace challenges are found upstream, and our experienced team will guide you there.  





Paul Sinclair

“Leaders need not see everything differently in the big situations; they must see something differently in every situation.” - Paul

Paul Sinclair inspires and engages leaders and teams. He offers strengths-based presentations on engagement and strategy, managing teams, developing key employees, and how to avoid HR pitfalls.

An attorney honored to be named Best Lawyers in America’s® “Lawyer of the Year,” and holder of an advanced degree in Organizational Leadership, Paul draws on his unique experiences to help leaders turn adversity into actionable insight.

Paul is available for keynote engagements. His presentations can jump-start your next organizational initiative.

He is also the author of the Upstream Leadership book series.

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Great information delivered with insight and humor. Several important takeaways for me to use, especially educating our managers about desirable difficulties.
— 2018 SHRM Mega Session Attendee

Mike Tooley

Do more of what fuels you.
— Mike

Mike works one-on-one with leaders and individual contributors in a confidential setting to help them identify and leverage their strengths and do more of what fuels them and what they love.  Mike also works with teams to identify their collective team strengths and better align them to accomplish individual and team objectives, including facilitating group retreats and strategic planning sessions.

From more than 25 years of representing employers in litigation and collective bargaining, Mike discovered that the "secret sauce" for winning workplace disputes is to prevent them from arising in the first place, and the best way to do that is by helping organizations create better workplaces in which their employees are developed, cultivated and engaged.

Because he believes in this formula so strongly, Mike has supplemented his legal practice by becoming a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and co-founding Upstream Principles LLC.  As a coach, Mike guides leaders and teams on how to recognize and develop their strengths, with the goal of creating better workplaces, more engaged workforces and fewer employment disputes.

As a coach, what sets Mike apart is his high level of emotional intelligence, his insight into how people can best utilize their unique strengths, and his passion for helping others discover and live out who they are designed to be.

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Mike’s information was outstanding. I really enjoyed this presentation about focusing on employees’ strengths.
— SHRM Indiana conference attendee